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An Atmoshpere of Hope

The word “atmosphere” means a prevailing or surrounding influence of spirit, a general mood or environment.

Atmospheres have the ability to effect the mind, will, emotions, and spirit.  Atmospheres help to shift, change, and shape situations and even lives.  According to Scripture, there is an unseen realm with felt powers, both positive and negative, good and evil.  (Ephesians 6:12; Hebrews 11:27)

People of hope realize that our atmospheres can be positively effected by the power of positive expectancy.  For the Child of God, that hope and expectancy is found in our living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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6 Ways to Create a Culture of Hope

We live in a society of pain and disappointment.  The Hopeful Heart of God has been misaligned and misunderstood.   Until we  understand that our lives can impact others in a positive, hope-filled way, many dreams will lie comatose.  We have the ability to change atmospheres.  As leaders, we must master a wide-range of skills, including the confidence to  create  a HOPE-BUILDING culture around us.

Let’s look at these six ways to develop a Culture of Hope.

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