6 Ways to Create a Culture of Hope

We live in a society of pain and disappointment.  The Hopeful Heart of God has been misaligned and misunderstood.   Until we  understand that our lives can impact others in a positive, hope-filled way, many dreams will lie comatose.  We have the ability to change atmospheres.  As leaders, we must master a wide-range of skills, including the confidence to  create  a HOPE-BUILDING culture around us.

Let’s look at these six ways to develop a Culture of Hope.

1. Define HOPE in the most simplistic terms

Hope is not the same thing as a sanctified wish.  Hope is not based on circumstances.  Hope is CONFIDENT EXPECTATION for our good and God’s Glory based on the nature and character of God Himself!  A hopeful spirit is God’s gift from His own nature –  The God of ALL HOPE!  Romans 15:13

2.  The “Say It Loud and Say It Often” Principle

Constant repetition is a proven method of instruction and learning.  Put Hope on repeat and turn up the volume!  Incorporate HOPE into every discussion, leadership meeting, strategy session, sermon planning, and event.  Blast social media with hope-building thoughts!  Say it loud and say it often!

3.  Learn and Teach Others to SPEAK the “Language of HOPE”

Once I asked my nephew how I could learn  Spanish.  He tweeted me back this simple answer, “1.  Stop speaking English  2. Start speaking Spanish”.  Honestly, all I knew was “Hola”, but because I have stopped staying “hello” and started to say, “hola”…I know that I know that I know at least ONE SPANISH WORD!  Learn to speak the HOPE language in the same way.  You may know only one word, one phrase or one sentence to begin with, but as your heart for HOPE enlarges, so will your hope vocabulary.  Keep at it!  SPEAK HOPE!

4.  Eliminate as many hope-destroyers in your immediate perimeter as possible

Usually, we can’t do anything about the birds that fly over our heads, but we can do something about the ones that try to build their nests in our hair!  Toxic relationships, despairing  thoughts, depressive mindsets,  wrong ideologies, bad theology and a thousand other things that shout at us to take our eyes and hearts off the Hope that is in Christ Jesus alone must be eliminated. Only Hope in Christ will last!

5.  Create HOPE TEAMS that are ready to DEMONSTRATE HOPE

The people of God will be ready!  Excitement will build in your organization as people arise to make a difference in the lives of those around them!

6.  Craft a Biblical-based HOPE orientation for every area of your life, business, church, etc.

Our ROCK solid foundation of HOPE is always the Word!  There is no failing here!  Your House of Hope will remain strong through a Word-based foundation!

What are you doing to create a HOPE CULTURE in your ministry or organization?  I’d like to hear your thoughts!

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